About our Reformer / E​quipment Pilates studio

At our flagship studio in Hampshire, we​ are proud to offer you a ​wide range of Pilates equipment ​​with which to ​improve your core strength and your overall health and wellbeing.

Not only do we have the beloved Reformers, but also a selection of different apparatus pioneered by Joseph Pilates, including the​ Cadillac/Trapeze, Wunda Chair, Spine Corrector and Ladder Barrel.

Why try Reformer /​ Equipment sessions

Our ​Reformer/e​quipment sessions are tailored to your individual and specific aims and goals. There will never be more than 4 people in the ​Reformer/equipment session at any one time, meaning the teacher is available to guide you through your individual programme ensuring you have a safe and yet challenging work out.

Reformer/equipment sessions are an ideal compliment to your mat ​classes, and we have clients who come to us specifically because we offer this unique service.​ In fact, once you try our Reformer/equipment sessions – we reckon you will be hooked.

​How to get started… 1-2-1 or ​semi-private ‘intro’ session

To get started you need to attend either an individual private (1-2-1) lesson, or you can sign up to one of our 90-minute Reformer/equipment intro workshops. This is a group introduction to the Reformer and other large apparatus including the Cadillac, Wunda Chair and Ladder Barrel.

During the private lesson or semi-private intro workshop, we will ​establish your objectives and ​get to know you, understanding any injuries or specific requirements you have ​related to your health and wellbeing.

On completion we will determine a program suited to you and agree when you would like to attend regular sessions.

Flexible time slots

We offer a range of scheduled ​​Reformer/equipment sessions, along with our mat classes. If you cannot see a time that suits you on our current timetable, please email Trish and the team as we will be adding new sessions, as demand dictates​.

We understand sometimes life gets in the way – but you will quickly learn we pride ourselves on finding ways to accommodate you. We ask that you give us 24 hours notice if you know you cannot make your regular session, and we will reschedule for a more appropriate time.​