Trish Soper-Powell Pilates teacher - outside The Pilates Foundry North Hampshire

Why Pilates

Pilates sparked my interest with the way it works the whole body. I love the mind and body working together encouraging the use of all the muscles, even those you didn’t know you had!

I taught myself Pilates around 10 years ago to complement my outdoor activities. I very soon discovered a great studio on my doorstep and started attending weekly classes, which added the missing dimension…feedback from a teacher!​

Practice makes perfect

Regular practi​ce saw great improvements in my strength, tone, posture and balance. Not to mention the centred and relaxed feeling I would come away with after each class.

It was later I realised the benefits of Pilates in rehabilitation and injury prevention, in helping with my own body’s peculiarities and injuries I had picked up during my life, through a combination of challenging sports and conversely office work.​

Qualified Pilates teacher

I decided I wanted to help others experience the benefits I enjoy, so I trained with Modern Pilates gaining my Matwork Pilates Level 3 certification and have subsequently been expanding my studio equipment repertoire with Body Control Pilates.

I’ve now been teaching since 2009 offering private lessons to clients at their homes, mat classes locally and both mat classes and equipment sessions at ​my studio.​

I’d love to see how I can help you move better and feel better in your life, so do contact me.